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…If Buganda were a federo state. Would freedom of the media still exist in Uganda if baganda were running the show?
Would there be any freedom anyway if everything that irked the Kabaka was boycotted, set ablaze?
Was it really in everyone’s best interest for CBS to drag in the reporters history as an Aboke girl?
Cant the mengo government discuss things like what happened to the other 4.3 acres of that land? Water for its people? Reviving the production of Matooke in Buganda which has been taken over by other regions? Helping her people to kick poverty out.


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A man who killed a lion with his bare hands, only to be attacked by a pack of hyenas moments later, succumbed to his injuries and died in hospital, Kenyan media reported Tuesday.

Moses Lekalau, a 35-year-old herdsman, was walking home from a neighbouring village in Maralal, some 250 kilometres north of the capital Nairobi, when he was pounced by a lion, which he fought off for half an hour and then killed with his bare hands.

Hyenas then emerged from the forested path after his confrontation with the lion and attacked the man, biting off his hands and toes.

Doctors had earlier expressed hope that the man would survive, but said he had lost a lot of blood from the vicious attack, the independent Daily Nation reported.

Some Kenyan tribes, specifically the Masai, are known for slaying lions as a rite of passage.

Attacks by wild animals are relatively common in Kenya, as villagers live in close proximity to game parks and animal migration corridors and recurring droughts and floods increase their closeness.

Editor’s note: After all his effort with the king he loses the battle to some servants. The story was stripped from here by the way.

You can also read more from BBC here

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Shame on you

For throwing away food in the trash when people are starving in Teso. I mean surely how do you make the trip to the dustbin to throw away half a plate of food? How do you leave food on the plate when some kids up north need it?

How can you let bread go bad? Pile your plate with more than what you can eat? Have five meals a day?

Shame on all of you shame shame shame. I wish I was any different only that I dont know how I can help it

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….the dark cloud has passed over my silver lining, I see it, i see it its there, theeerre, hehhehehahahahaha. Now I even the sun coming out, the damn yellow thing is here, muhahahahaha. I feel for those who are still hating their mornings, breaks, lunches, afternoons, evenining, nights and all the days. Its F**)*^&(&KING HELL I tell you. Silverbow snap out of it or so help me God I will come and buy you that rope tie it up for you.

By the way I am loving this forward

Museveni Kaguta (President), Janet Museveni (president’s wife & Minister) and Mutebile (then a Central bank Governor) were flying together in the President’s jet.

Museveni Kaguta, suddenly said: “You know what. I can throw 100,000shs out of this window and make someone happy.”

Janet Museveni, said: “I can throw 10 X 10,000shs notes out of the window and I will make 10 people unbelievably happy.”

Mutebile said: “I can throw 100 X 1000shs notes out of the window and make 100 people very very happy.”

Then the pilot looks at the co-pilot and says: “Listen to those 3 showoffs at the back…I can throw all 3 of them out of the window and I will make the whole country happy .

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