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I am conducting a sort of survey and I need you aswesome people to tell me what is the most popular computer game played in your offices?
Is it Solitaire, snooker? Pool. scrabble? Or you just love to facebook twitter, blog, or chat. How do you waste your bosses time and resources?

Anything goes just tell me what type and where you work. Thank you thank you and thank you

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Baby Shower Pixs

For yall no shows it was FUN in caps I was honoured and probably scared a few souls off walking down this lane wat with the larger than like stomach. Sometimes I cannot believe it is attached to my body but here the people gatta grow and grow and be healthy. But thank you thank you and thank you. Been on Bedrest since then just came back to office today. Here are some of the pixs from the baby shower.

Darlyne’s idea of a baby. Yup she sure knows how to give attention to some very important details


Detamble wants a Baby Elephant for a baby


This here is Little Communist Rev. Or will he be a facists?


This is Solomon Prince. Some attention to detail.


Heere is Antipop’s baby. Ahem! I also dont know what to say. T Over to you


Baby Leo looks nothing like this but this is Liz (New Vision) baby eyes miles away from the body.


This is little Eve Mashoo Stacey formally of the Daily Monitor Fame now she has to answer to Tumwi or something there in.. The sweetie will wear gomesi right from the start. Tsk tsk tsk


Dear God I hope I am not having anything close to what B2B makes of a baby. limbless?


Carlo’s is as if an Amoeba undergoing binary fusion.


And here lays Johnny’s stick baby, only he will have a stick baby.   pix1

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Planning a wedding? Many people want their budgets at over 50 million shillings. No? 100 million you said?

Now take a peek at this wedding that ended up in the bride and groom saying their i dos, taking a limo drive and enjoying the prestige at their high table.

Bridal Entourage

The Bridesmaids Stilettoes and bouquets are quite something. More power to the designer.

Limo ride

The Limo ride.

The bride and room on the high table

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Going Solo

Who remembers this one?

“Who willu be the witness oh my Lord, who willu

As I am a Munyankole girl I should marry a Munayokole boy but a munyankole boy is falaaway leti me choose anoza one.” Everybody

Anyone who can tell me the meaning of these words. Thank God google wont give you the answer. Dont mind the spelling

  • Ekyaji
  • Omunyale
  • Egwatiro
  • Ekigango
  • Kalasamayanzi
  • Enkoto
  • Asamba gwansibi
  • Osereza eligenda emugga
  • Engera
  • Akayu

P.S I read somewhere that Shower is as if at my house? That so coz I need to balance my accounts, apply for préstamo

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Joel dishes out revenge

And when Kabushenga apologised it really sounded too good to be true how the whole New Vision went down on her or is it his knees and asked mengo, Buganda, Baganda, and the last muganda in Lusaka lwamese to forgive New Vision.

Bet he must have known what was coming to them. Now CBS is paying in very high currency (apparently 60 million daily). They didn’t see that one coming did they? Word from the grapevine (read Buganda attorney General) is the only person to give the go ahead to open CBS is Joel.

Until Joel raises a finger CBS will continue to make loses everyday, render many people jobless and be punished for the mistakes or the lack there of of a few people. If Kibazo was called off WBS, why not do the same to some programmes on CBS rather than close the radio station? Joel is still really irked by the Kabaka not taking his calls and many people have to pay.

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Not really new but this hit is off the HOOK. Nuff said. see for yourselefu. Cheribel wamma I am hoping you havent watched this. I know Antipop you haven’t as you are buried into that stress called a job so I hope you enjoy it. The good thing is its not pop.

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I sure will miss Ramadhan

Nanti I have been enjoying the pleasure of eating amidst people without the worry that someone is going to jump from nowhere and demand for half my breakfast, ice cream, cake.

Here I was thinking those of begging stopped in high school naye wapi. One time I attempted to have this stupidly expensive Nido milk at office. The evening it came some people had three cups of African Tea and were at my desk 7 sharp. Whats African about this tea by the way?

I already have two people kicking me to feed them nutritious this and that I hear even Mukene.

kati gatako office people riyale do I finish (Mba malako?)

And then there is this dude he likes to take care of his interests buy me soda, some ice cream buy me crisps to accompany the ice cream some half of that apple. I was even thinking of eating in the toilet or something. Then ramadhan came and I could swallow right in front of the fellow.

Now I gatta find some place to hide otherwise two people always want this and that if I add the entire nation of the O family simalako.

Is this just the the Mululu that comes with the stomach oba that I only have enough for one person and one person alone no three people and that I cant enjoy my cravings in peace I have to make sure I buy extra for like five other people.

Some people in fact come to office minus breakfast saying “Ndaba the woman of the stomach will have”

or other times “You woman of the stomach call and they deliver ice cream. Ask for Pizza tell him to throw in Pringles for me” This is a man talking by the way.

So anyway do you also have beggars in yo offices too oba the disease stops here.

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